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As an organization, we aim to enrich the professional journey of business students and aspiring professionals by fostering the development of their skills. We provide a diverse range of opportunities, from networking to mentorship, focusing on both professional and leadership growth. Our commitment is to cultivate a community of women and their allies, underpinned by a foundation of mutual support, empowerment, and progression within their careers. 


Gael Women in Business (GWIB) is a student-run organization within Saint Mary’s College of California with the mission to:

  • Inspire future business women to succeed wherever their career takes them
  • Make Connections with other business women to foster cooperation and collaboration
  • Promote personal and professional growth 
  • Empower women business leaders of tomorrow through leadership development 
  • Celebrate women as leaders and their achievements 
  • Create long lasting friendships within the SMC community.
Saint Mary's Gael Women in Business LinkedIn Workshop

LinkedIn Workshop

On September 20th and 21st, Gael Women in Business hosted a two-part LinkedIn Workshop with guest speaker Ami Arroyo (Talent Acquisition Consultant & Recruiting Strategist) and our SEBA Marketing Director, Daniel Avina. The first event was a virtual session with Ami Arroyo who provided great insights on how to best navigate LinkedIn from a recruiter's perspective. The second event was a headshot session with Daniel Avina where students were given the chance to take professional photos for LinkedIn in front of our Soda Center on campus. Join GWIB today for more professional workshops, mentorship opportunities, networking sessions, and more!

Go Gaels, Go GWIB!


saint mary's student snehal chopra

Snehal Chopra

Major: Accounting / Finance

Academic Year: Junior

I joined Gael Women in Business. . .

because I wanted to be a part of a community that provides learning opportunities for women to grow professionally.

Saint Mary's student Aliyah Sosa

Aliyah Sosa
Vice President

Major: Finance

Minor: Data Science

Academic Year: Senior

I joined Gael Women in Business. . .

because of the opportunity to give back and connect with amazing women on campus. As a commuter student I felt disconnected to campus my first year and ever since I joined GWIB I can definitely say that is no longer the case. Putting on useful events with my extraordinary team is the greatest reward that I could ask for.

Saint Mary's Gael Women in Business Amanda Carter headshot

Amanda Carter
VP Marketing

Major: Accounting

Academic Year: Senior

I joined Gael Women in Business. . .

because I wanted to be a part of a club with a community of women I could grow closer to. I knew this would be a club were I could strengthen my professional and personal skills, so I would prepared to enter the real world after I graduate college.

Saint Mary's student Thais Macias

Thais Macias
VP Events Management

Major: Business Administration

Academic Year: Senior

I joined Gael Women in Business. . .

because it's all about women empowering women. The Gael Women in Business Club supports our growth, offers mentorship, and creates an everlasting sisterhood. It's not just a club; it's a movement propelling women towards leadership, and I am excited to have joined and become a part of this community!


Saint Mary's student Aztryd Moran

Aztryd Moran

VP Finance

Major: Business Administration

Minor: Accounting

Academic Year: Senior

Saint Mary's student Lilly Weyrauch

Lilly Weyrauch
VP Operations & Communications

Major: Business Administration

Academic Year: Junior

I joined Gael Women in Business. . .

because I wanted to help provide guidance and community for my peers who have similar interests as me.