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Practical Investing Experience Through Hands-On Portfolio Management

The Saint Mary's College Investment Group is a student-run organization, that manages the Investment Fund; a privately fundraised, highly diversified $220,000+ investment portfolio. The Investment Group is open to Saint Mary's College students of all academic backgrounds.

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The Saint Mary's College Investment Group was founded upon the idea that every student, regardless of major, should have an opportunity to learn firsthand about the financial markets and how to responsibly invest.

Typical activities of the Investment Group includes student reports on potential investments, technical valuation projects on various securities, discussions of the managed portfolio, guest speakers, and preparation for the CFA Institute Research Challenge in the spring. Founded on the ideals of improving financial literacy, the student body will have an opportunity to learn first-hand about managing investments in a responsible way. Upon collaboration, the Group will privately invest in publicly traded stocks of companies deemed to advocate and practice responsible business.

Identifying Opportunity

There are multiple ways for a person to decide on what instrument to put in their portfolio in a way that will make the portfolio grow in the long term. Our members will learn how to perform a stock valuation in hopes of finding companies currently undervalued in the stock market. By studying the governance of a company, its social impact, and its economic footprint, members will determine whether investing in a company would be responsible. If the rest of the group members agree that a company is both undervalued and responsible, then they can elect to invest a portion of the Fund into that company's stock.

Calling All Bulls & Bears

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