International Applicants

The School of Economics and Business Administration welcomes applications from international students into the Graduate Business Degree Programs.

Additional Requirements for International Applicants

In addition to the program specific application requirements, the international applicants are required to submit the following documents:

1.) Educational Records

Applicants must submit the following documents for all of the academic institutions attended:

  • official transcripts in the original language
  • translations if original documents are in a language other than English
  • official degree conferral certificate is required if the transcript does not list the name of the degree and the conferral date

2.) English Language Proficiency

International applicants must submit a valid TOEFL or IELTS score, unless they qualify for one of the exceptions below.

Minimum TOEFL: 79 iBT                 Institution code: 4675

Minimum IELTS: 6.5                        Institution code: N/A

3.) Exceptions to the TOEFL requirement

Applicants may waive the language test requirement for one of the following reasons:

  • Completed an undergraduate or a graduate degree in a country where the medium of instruction is English
  • Completed a minimum of 60 transferable credit hours at a US university
  • Scored 500 or above on the SAT1 Critical Reading exam, or 22 or above on the ACT English exam
  • Completed an approved ESL program
  • Completed four consecutive years of study at a US high school

International Admitted Students

If you decide to enroll in our program and require an F1 student visa, you will be sent a link to our SMC Global Programs and Travel site.  There you will be asked to submit the following items and forms:

Passport (for admitted students only)

Certification of Finances (for admitted students only)

If you require an F1 student visa you must submit proof of funding to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses for one year. The Certification of Finances form and supporting documents must be submitted with the rest of F1 student visa application materials.