Faculty Research, Publications, and Achievements

Faculty members at SEBA are thought leaders and innovators, esteemed teachers and dedicated researchers. Made up of educators from around the globe, faculty members at SEBA draw on their real-world expertise to provide students with insights that cut across industries and borders.





Recent Faculty Research Projects and Publications include:


Jyoti Bachani

Professor Jyoti Bachani led two workshops for other faculty at the 78th annual Academy of Management conference in Chicago earlier this month. Bachani had two books on Humanistic Management, released by Business Expert Press, at the exhibit hall at the conference, which was attended by over 10,000 business professors from around the world.

Jeff Peterson

Professor Jeff Peterson gave a presentation, "Using Surveys to Assess Damages in Class Action Wage and Hour Cases," at the 30th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts in Las Vegas, NV, April 2018.

Jeff Peterson

Adjunct Professor Jeff Peterson's paper, "The Effect of the Intent to Retire at Age 70 or Older on Work Life Expectancy," was published in the Journal of Legal Economics, Volume 23, No. 2, April 2017, has been published as of September 2018."


Professor Barbara A McGraw authored a chapter titled, "From Prison Religion to Interfaith Leadership for Institutional Change," in the recently published book, "Interreligious/Interfaith Studies: Defining a New Field" edited by Eboo Patel, Jennifer Peace, and Noah Silverman and published by Beacon Press.

Jack Rasmus

Professor Jack Rasmus book, titled, 'Alexander Hamilton and the Origins of the Federal Reserve', has been accepted for publication by Lexington Books with a release date of December.

Berna P. Aksu

Professor Berna Aksu recently had a paper titled "Post 2015 strategies to improve business models in corporate Turkey," accepted for publication in Innovative Marketing, Volume 14, Issue 3, pp. 7-12, 2018.


Professor Barbara A. McGraw's chapter titled "From Prison Religion to Interfaith Leadership for Institutional Change" has been accepted for publication in Interreligious/Interfaith Studies: Defining a New Field, with co-authors Eboo Patel, Jennifer Howe Peace, and Noah Silverman, on Beacon Press. McGraw has also been named as one of four distinguished faculty to provide two workshops at the American Associations of Colleges and University/Interfaith Youth Core Institute on Interfaith Excellence, July 17-20 in Boston, MA.

Arnav Sheth

Professor Arnav Sheth spoke at The Symposium for Optimal Stopping, a conference held June 25 - June 29 at Rice University, in memory of his dissertation advisor Larry Shepp. His talk, titled, "Explaining 'Irrationality' Using 'Rational' Techniques," spoke to their work on risk-taking, politicking, and executive misbehavior in the framework of stochastic control, solved using a numerical technique they devised together.


Professor Lawrence Souza made four research paper presentation discussions at the American Real Estate Society on topics, "Real Estate Prices and Cycles: The Impact of Global Central Banker Policy," "Monetary Policy and the Housing Market: Evidence from National Microdata," "Fast Flex: Strategic Design for Industrial Real Estate in the Age of Corporate Agility," and "Real Estate Technologicalization: From Evolution to Revolution."


Professor Navid Sabbaghi gave a presentation at the Google headquarters in Mountain View alongside Google's upper leadership, as part of the Google Faculty in Residence program.

Andrew Wilson

Professor Kim Clark has had two paper accepted for publication: "Subsidiary Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Opportunity: An Institutional Perspective," in the Journal of International Management and "Institutional Misalignment and Cost of Doing Business Abroad: A Varieties of Capitalism Approach," in the European Journal of International Management.

Jack Rasmus

Professor Jack Rasmus has had an extended essay, "Crisis & Restoration of Neoliberal Policy, 2008-2018," accepted for publication by International Critical Thought Journal, in a forthcoming anthology on the 10-year anniversary of the 2008-09 global crisis.

Ameera Ibrahim

Professor Ameera Ibrahim's M.S. in Business Analytics team won the 3rd place prize in the Business Analytics Competition at Manhattan College.

Jyoti Bachani

Professor Jyoti Bachani attended the Women in Leadership Conference on the final day of De La Salle Week on Campus with 65 women. She facilitated a session on Art 7 Expression as part of the conference.

Jack Rasmus

Professor Jack Rasmus has had a peer-reviewed article accepted in the next issue of World Review of Political Economy published in Beijing entitled "The Deja Vu US-China Trade War." He has also had a peer-reviewed chapter on the 10th anniversary of the 2008 global crisis accepted for a forthcoming collection being published by the International Critical Thought Journal, entitled The Evolution of Neoliberal Economic Policy from Reagan to Trump.

Arnav Sheth

Professors Andrew Wilson and Arnav Sheth were invited to speak at the Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship (ISME) in Mumbai, India on March 26th. Sheth spoke on Artificial Intelligence. Wilson spoke on the Social Psychology of Marketing. There were about 30 post-graduates in attendance, and 5 faculty.
  Professor Kim Clark and PMBA student Paul Giguere have had their co-authored paper titled "Innovation through Open-Source Platform: Sustainable Farming " accepted for publication in the 5th International Conference of CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance. The Conference will be held in Santander, Spain, June 27-29, 2018.
natasha munshi Professor  Natasha Munshi will be leading a panel entitled "Instructional Design & Delivering Hybrid Programs" at the 2018 EMBAC western regional conference in Arizona on April 30th, 2018.
Andrew Wilson Professor Andrew Wilson and Professor Arnav Sheth were invited to speak at the Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship (ISME) in Mumbai, India on March 26th. Sheth spoke on Artificial Intelligence. Wilson spoke on the Social Psychology of Marketing. There were about 30 post-graduates in attendance, and 5 faculty.
Jack Rasmus Professor Jack Rasmus had an article published in the World Financial Review titled "Yellen's Legacies--Powell's Dilemmas," April 2018.
  Professor Kevin McGarry became the Editor-in-Chief of the Academy of Legal Studies (ALSB) peer-reviewed affiliate, the Journal of Legal Studies in Business (JLSB), in February. McGarry also had his article, "From Labor Rights To Tax Transparency: Using Norway's GPFG As A Model For Advancing Human Rights In ESG Investment," published in the ALSB peer-reviewed affiliate journal, Rocky Mountain Law Journal (RMLJ).
  Professor Xiaotian Tina Zhang with co-authors Jongmoo J. Choi, Ming Ju, Masaaki Kotabe, and Lenos Trigeorgis, has published in the Global Strategy Journal, a paper titled, "Flexibility as firm value driver: Evidence from offshore outsourcing."
Arnav Sheth Professor  Arnav Sheth with co-author Keisuke Teeple, has two papers that have been making the top ten list for the past few weeks on the Social Science Research Network. The first paper is titled, "Leveraging Herd Behavior in Foreign Exchange Markets," and is co-authored with a PhD student at UC Davis. The second is titled, "Fama French Factors Across Business Cycles," and is co-authored with SMC lecturer Tee Lim.
J kale Professor Jivendra Kale presented a research paper, co-authored with Tee Lim, at the Optionmetrics/Fordham University conference in October in New York City, titled, "Reversing the Negative Skewness of Value Portfolios with Power-Log Optimization and Put and Call Option Overlays, Produces Smaller Drawdowns and Higher Risk-Adjusted Returns."
Jyoti Bachani Professor Jyoti Bachani presented her research at the Indian Academy of Management conference at the Indian Institute of Management in Indore, India. 
Linda Professor Linda Herkenhoff was recently nominated and elected last week to the Pacific Council on International Policy, which addresses global issues, "by giving more effective voice to West Coast perspectives on them." To that end, the Council convenes speaking events, conference calls, and international trips based throughout the West Coast of the United States.
  Professor Kevin McGarry is working with the national advocacy organization Autism Speaks (and affiliates) to develop, refine, and launch career hire programs with for-profit businesses and for college graduates - adults under 40 on the autism spectrum.
ss Professor Saroja Subrahmanyan attended a conference titled First Subsistence Marketplaces Bottom-up Immersion Conference (held between January 4 and 9). It was held in two places consecutively- Chennai and New Delhi in India. During the conference, she visited urban, semi-urban, and rural subsistence communities near Chennai and Delhi.
Jack Rasmus Professor John Rasmus had an article published in the December 2017 issue of European Financial Review, titled "Bitcoins, Cryptos, and Financial Asset Bubbles," along with Dr. Larry Souza's extended review of his book, "Central Bankers at the End of Their Ropes."
kevin o Professor Kevin I. Okoeguale's paper titled, "Telecommmunications deregulation and the motives for mergers," has been published in the Journal of Economics and Business.
  Professor Kevin McGarry returned from the Southeastern Academy of Legal Studies in Business annual conference in Atlanta, GA where he presented a research paper titled, "From Labor Rights to Tax Transparency: Using Norway's GPFG as a Model for Advancing Human Rights in ESG Investment."
Ameera Ibrahim Professor Ameera Ibrahim presented a research paper titled, "Optimal Bundle-Size Pricing," at the 2017 INFORMS Annual Meeting, Houston, Texas, USA, October 22 - 25, 2017. 
Linda Professor Linda Herkenhoff attended the IFCU (International Federation of Catholic Universities) conference in Milan as an invited researcher in the social sciences on October 16, presenting the paper titled, "Developing Youth at the Base of the Economic Pyramid... from the slums of Sri Lanka to the Batwa pygmies of Uganda."
Marco Aponte Moreno Professor Marco Aponte Moreno was interviewed by South Korean Public Broadcasting about appointment of military general as Venezuela's new oil industry leader.
  Professor Eric Kolhede participated as a panel discussant (along with marketing professors from Xavier University, Johnson and Wales University and Rowan University) at the 22nd Annual Marketing Management Association Fall Educators’ Conference, September 20-22, 2017, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His panel position paper, “Innovations in Teaching Marketing Research and Analytics” has been published in the conference proceedings.

Professor Eric Kolhe'de presented a position paper at the 22nd Annual Marketing Management Association Fall Educators’ Conference, September 20-22, 2017, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The position paper, co-authored by J. Tomas Gomez-Arias is titled: “Integrating an Applied Marketing Research Course into the Undergraduate Core Curriculum” and has been published in the conference proceedings.

Jyoti Bachani Professor Jyoti Bachani had an article published in the London Business School Review online titled, "Reinventing Management."
J kale Professor Jivendra Kale presented a research paper co-authored with Tee Lim titled, "Reversing the Negative Skewness of Value Portfolios with Power-Log Optimization and Options, Produces Smaller Drawdowns and Higher Risk-Adjusted Returns," at the OptionMetrics Research Conference in New York in October.
  Professor Eric Kolhede published an article in the International Journal of Arts Management, with co-author J Tomas Gomez-Arias, Fall 2017, titled, "Distinctions Between Frequent Performing Arts Consumers: Implications for Segmentation and Positioning," Volume 20, number 1 (Fall 2017).
Greg Wolcott Professor Greg Wolcott presented, "Reconceiving the 'Adam Smith Problem': The Problem of Justice" at the 2017 International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference at the Institute for Business and Professional Ethics at DePaul University in Chicago, IL.
Marco Aponte Moreno Professor Marco Aponte Moreno wrote an article about the collapse of the opposition in Venezuela, "Venezuela's Opposition is on the Verge of Collapse," which was published in The Chicago Tribune and The LA Times.
ss Professor Saroja Subrahmanyanhad a case published in the peer reviewed Case Research Journal, published by the North American Case Research Association. The case is titled, "Core Foods: To Withdraw or Not to Withdraw Core Meals."
Marco Aponte Moreno Professor Marco Aponte Moreno presented the following paper, “Communicating Authenticity across Cultures: Telling Personal Stories in Leadership Contexts.” (2017) (with K. Koulouris) at the 77th Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA
natasha munshi Professor Natasha Munshi had an article published in Technological Forecasting and Social Change, July 2017, "Innovation search dynamics in new domains: An exploratory study of academic founders' search for funding in the biotechnology industry," with co-author Professor Susan Cohen (University of Pittsburgh).
Jack Rasmus Professor Jack Rasmus' latest book has just been published and is now available from various distributors and bookstore venues, "Central Bankers at the End of Their Ropes?", by Clarity Press, July 2017.
linda h Professor Linda Herkenhoff was one of 16 professors selected from over 250 applicants from around the world to teach at the Lasallian University of Bogota, Colombia as part of the Peace Academy this past month. She taught a course on “People, Planet and Profit through a Cultural Lens,” to 35 Colombian undergraduates. This summer academy was partly funded by the Colombian government in support of the newly negotiated Peace Agreement with the FARC paramilitary group in southern Colombia. )
Jack Rasmus Professor Jack Rasmus had an article published in July in the European Financial Review, entitled, "The Limits of Central Banks' Emerging Policy Shift."
  Professor Kevin McGarry was selected as a Grotius Research Scholar at the Michigan Law/Ross School of Business. 
Jack Rasmus Professor  Jack Rasmus presented his paper, "Relocating the 'Adam Smith Problem,'" at the Annual Association of Private Enterprise Education Conference in Maui, Hawaii, in April, and traveled with SMC undergraduate students to a symposium at the Heider College of Business at Creighton University on "Labor Economics and the Vocation of Work," at the end of March.
Greg Wolcott Professor Greg Wolcott's article, "Restricting Choices: Decision Making, the Market Society, and the Forgotten Entrepreneur,"has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Business Ethics .
Jyoti Bachani Professor Jyoti Bachani presented sabbatical research at the Academy of Management conference.
McGraw Professor Barbara McGraw explored Beijing to learn more about China's cultural heritage for her scholarship and teaching on interfaith leadership. While visiting McGraw was asked to join the Academic Advisory Board of Professor Baocheng Liu, Director of the Center for International Business Ethics at the University of International Business and Economics. The Lasallian University of Bogota is a member of the International Federation of Catholic Universities.
Andrew Wilson Professor Andrew Wilson has had a paper titled, "Negative Word of Mouth Can Be a Positive for Consumers Connected to the Brand," accepted for publication in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.
J Hawley Professor Jim Hawley delivered a talk at an annual conference,  SRI in the Rockies, on sustainable and responsible investing, titled, "ESG and Fiduciary Duty: recent developments," November 9 - 11, 2016.
Michael Hadani An article by Professor Michael Hadani, co-authored with Professors Natasha Munshi and Kim Clark, has been accepted for publication in Business and Society Review.
Jack Rasmus Professor John Rasmus had an article published in the World Financial Review (London) titled, "Why Trump Won," on November 8, 2016.
Barry The Executive MBA Council selected Professor Barry Eckhouse to deliver two fall webinars on the topic of new-media literacy and the EMBA space. Saint Mary's College and the Digital Driver's License Program were at the center of his presentations. The EMBA Council has an international membership of over 500 colleges, universities, and corporations. The two fall webinars, delivered on December 6 and 7 respectively, are expected to attract 70 schools for the Asia offering and 100 plus for the U.S. and European audiences.
J Hawley Professor Jim Hawley was interviewed on Fortune.com for an article titled, "Here's Who Gets Left Behind in America's Quest to Do Good."
McGraw Professor Barbara McGraw consulted at St. Thomas University on Interfaith Leadership in Business in October 2016. 
Kris Chase Professor Kris Chase spoke at the Orinda Rotary meeting in October 2016, sharing slides on the presidential economic policy proposals.
Jyoti Bachani Professor Jyoti Bachani received an award from the Academy of Management for best paper, based on her field report, "Shivganga: Organizing Tribals in Jhabua, India for Sustainable Water Harvesting," with Neelu Bhullar, Anaheim, CA, August 2016.
Anh Professor Phuong Anh Nguyen had a paper accepted in the European Journal of Operational Research, "Multi-Team System Behaviors: Insights from Modelling Team Communication," published with co-author Kennedy D. Sommer.
Barry Professor Barry Eckhouse has been accepted into Microsoft's exclusive Hololens Developer's Program, which offers him an important opportunity to work within a national community of innovative software developers who are exploring virtual reality and holographic computing as they apply to e-learning gamification and educational delivery. His work in this program will complement SEBA's pioneering efforts in virtual reality, including the Second Life initiative, which was launched in 2010, and more recently, the Oculus Rift project, which is now underway.
Linda Professor Linda Herkenhoff recently met with the Lasallian brothers and the Sisters of Charity in Havana Cuba as part of her research fellowship, funded by SEBA and Saint Mary's College through the International Center for Educational Exchange (ICEE). She has been studying social transformation in Cuba with 25 other academics from the US.
Andrew Wilson An article by Professor Andrew E. Wilson, co-published with authors Peter R. Darke, Michael L. Brady and Ray L. Benedicktus, titled "Feeling Close From Afar: The Role of Psychological Distance in Offsetting Distrust in Unfamiliar Online Retailers," was accepted published in the Journal of Retailing, August 2016.
Dominik Professor Dominik Kalisch had two papers recently accepted for publication in Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems: "Holistic Approach to Understand Urban Complexity" and "Real-Time Data Collection and Processing of Utility Customer's Power Usage for Improved Demand Response Control."
Gregory Wolcott Professor Gregory Wolcott presented his paper, "Restricting Choices: Decision Making, the Market Society, and the Forgotten Entrepreneur," at the Annual Society for Business Ethics Meeting in Anaheim, CA, in August 2016.
Jack Rasmus Professor Jack Rasmus published: "Why Economists Fail to Understand Financial Instability," in The European Financial Review, June - July 2016, and "Why the Global Economy Is Growing More Unstable," in Perspectives Libres, Paris, July - September 2016.
J kale Arnav Sheth "Power-Log Optimization and Positively Skewed Option Returns Reduce Risk and Raise Portfolio Performance," by professors Jivendra K. Kale and Arnav Sheth, was published in The Journal of Investing, Volume 25, Fall 2016.
Jack Rasmus Professor Jack Rasmus' book, Systemic Fragility in the Global Economy, Clarity Press, January 2016, is being translated into Chinese by Huaxia Publishing. 
Jyoti Bachani Professor Jyoti Bachani attended the 76th annual meeting of the Academy of Management in Anaheim and led a professional development session at the 2nd annual Humanistic Management Pre-conference, both in August 2016.
Tina Zhang On June 6, World Environment Day, Mark Paul Gardiola-Chin, a SEBA undergraduate student, and his Professor, Xiaotian Tina Zhang, presented a speech on "Green Finance" at the International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability 2016, in Tongji University, Shanghai, China.
  Arnav Sheth Professor Arnav A. Sheth presented a joint paper with Keisuke Teeple, "Leveraging Herd Behavior in Foreign Exchange Markets," on March 9, at the 12th International Conference on Operations Research organized by the Universidad de La Habana and the Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne.
  Michael Hadani Professor Michael Hadani's paper, "Corporate Political Activity, Public Policy Uncertainty and Firm Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis," has been accepted for publication in Strategic Outcome.
  J Hawley Professor James P. Hawley has been interviewed in Forbes on the subject of disruptive technology in the sustainability space, in preparation for an upcoming May talk.
Yuan Li Professor Yuan Li's sole-authored paper titled "A Semiotic Theory of Institutionalization" was published in the Academy of Management Review business journal.
Jyoti Bachani Professor Jyoti Bachani attended the 57th annual conference of the Western Academy of Management, in Portland Oregon, where she led two workshops: "Mindfulness in Management Through Improv: An Experiential Workout for your Imagination" and "Emergent Pedagogical Tools for the Digital Era."
William Lee Professor William C. Lee published an article in the Journal of Legal Economics, "Surveys in Class Action Wage and Hour Cases and the Use of Anonymous Respondents," co-authored with Jeffery Peterson and Phillip Allman.
  J Hawley Professor Jim Hawley was a featured speaker at the Investing for Impact conference in San Francisco, March 24, 2016, which was sponsored by First Affirmative Financial Network. He gave a talk titled, "Fiduciary Duties and ESG: What Ways Forward? Materiality Matters," in a panel called Socially Conscious Investing and Fiduciary Duty.
  SEBA Professor Larisa Genin Professor Larisa V. Genin and Business Librarian Sarah Vital presented at the AACSB Annual Accreditation Conference in Singapore, May 2016, on the topic, "Tracking the Impact of Faculty Research: An Innovative Approach to Panoramic Dashboard."
  SEBA Professor Saroja Subrahmanyan Professor Saroja Subrahmanyan has been selected for a 2016-17 Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant in Burma.
  Andrew Wilson An article by Professor Andrew E. Wilson, co-published with authors Peter R. Darke, Michael L. Brady and Ray L. Benedicktus, titled "Feeling Close From Afar: The Role of Psychological Distance in Offsetting Distrust in Unfamiliar Online Retailers," was accepted for publication in the Journal of Retailing.
Anh Professor Anh Nguyen's article titled, "Continuous Improvement in an Emerging Market: Findings from Vietnam" was published in the Journal of Business Inquiry
  J Hawley  Professor James P. Hawley had his first book, Dollars and Boarders: U.S. Government Attempts to Restrict Capital Flows, 1960-1980 (Originally M.E. Sharpe publishers, 1987) re-published by Rutledge, under a series of "Rutledge Revivals" (2016).
  Jack Rasmus
Jack Rasmus' paper "Systemic Fragility in the Global Economy--For a New Conceptual Framework and Index," based on his book by the same title, has been accepted for publication in the European Financial Review.
Jack Rasmus  Jack Rasmus presented a paper at the most recent ASSA conference in San Francisco on the Heterodox economics panel, titled "Systemic Fragility in the Global Economy," summarizing his book by the same title. He his new book Looting Greece is published by Clarity Press (May 2016).
  Kris Chase Professor Kristine L. Chase was a panelist at the "State of Moraga Business 2016" Symposium, organized by the Moraga Chamber of Commerce. She discussed the economic environment of business in Moraga and the East Bay, and the economic impact of Saint Mary's College on the local economy.
Arnav Sheth Professor Arnav A. Sheth's research paper, "The Carrot: Executive Compensation, Risk-Taking, and Innovation," was accepted for upcoming an upcoming publication in Advances in Quantitative Accounting and Financial Analysis
  ss Professor Saroja Subrahmanyan published a co-authored paper on ethical consumption in the international, multidisciplinary journal, Geoforum. Subrahmanyan, Saroja, Robert Stinerock and Catherine Banbury (2015), "Ethical Consumption: Uncovering personal meanings and negotiation strategies," Geoforum (vol. 67, December). 
  Berna P. Aksu Professor Berna P. Aksu's paper, "Impact of Venture Capitalists on Founder Turnover: Implications for Firm Governance" was published February 2016. An earlier version of the paper was included in the Best Paper Proceedings of the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference.
  Andrew Wilson The Australian news outlet The Age features observations from SEBA Professor Andrew Wilson in the article "Why optimistic people are more likely to be duped." Read the story here.
  O'Brien Adjunct Assistant Professor Michael O' Brien's article, "Using Signal Theory to Determine Non-Obviousness of Inventions," was selected for publication in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law (University of Georgia). Co-author Molina, Idonah. 
  Professor Wallace Tang's paper, "Regulatory risks and strategic controls in the global financial centre of China," was accepted for publication in the International Finance Review, Volume 17.
  Jack Rasmus Professor Jack Rasmus, had a book published by Clarity Press, titled Systemic Fragility in the Global Economy. It is available from Amazon. Rasmus also presented a panel on the related topic, "A Theory of Systemic Fragility," at the ASSA conference in San Francisco, January 5, 2016, discussing the concluding equations from the book that attempt to develop a quantitative index of financial fragility.
Terence Pitre Terence Pitre was interviewed by U.S. News & World Report about investing in companies specializing in wearable technology, such as Apple and FitBit. Read more.
  B Barbara McGraw published an article in the on-line Religious Studies News publication of the American Academy of Religion, on balancing religious freedom and other rights, in light of the Hobby Lobby decision last year and the controversy over Indiana's RFRA law.
  Jyoti Bachani Jyoti Bachani hosted a professional development workshop for other faculty at the Academy of Management Conference in Vancouver on the topic, "Digital Era Pedagogy: Incorporating Virtual Experience in the classroom." SMC colleagues Nancy Lam and Linda Herkenoff joined this panel, along with two other professors from Northeastern and Northwestern Universities. 
  Wenting Pan Professor Wenting Pan and So, Rick published a paper titled, "Component Procurement Strategies in Decentralized Assemble-to-Order Systems Under Supply Uncertainty," in IIE Transactions. 2015.
  Wenting Pan Professor Wenting Pan (with Huynh, Candice H.) published a paper called "Operational Strategies for Supplier and Retailer with Risk Preference Under VMI Contract," in The International Journal of Production Economics. 2015.
  B Barbara A. McGraw chaired the annual interfaith leadership and prison chaplaincy management conference, which she also organizes, for the fifth year in a row.  The conference is co-sponsored by the American Academy of Religion and Saint Mary's Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism. It was held November 20-21, 2015.
J Hawley James Hawley moderated a panel on "Long and Short Termism" at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, as part of the "Berkeley Sustainable Business and Investment Forum, November 2015
arnav J kale Jivendra K. Kale and Arnav Sheth published the research paper, "Power-Log Optimization and Positively Skewed Option Returns Reduce Risk and Raise Portfolio Performance," in the Journal of Investing.
J Hawley James Hawley co-edited the book, The Routledge Handbook of Responsible Investment. Hawley authored the chapter, "The basics and basis of responsible investment," and co-authored the chapter, "Reclaiming pension fund fiduciary duty" (reprinted).
J Hawley James Hawley participated in an small 'think' session on systemic implications of environmental, social and financial portfolio decisions (investment allocation, engagement processes) of asset owners and managers, co-hosted by the Boston Federal Reserve Bank and the The Investment Integration Project. 
  Professor Lawrence Souza spoke on a panel addressing the future of California's real estate market at the California Association of Realtors EXPO Conference on October 7, 2015.
Jose Professor Jose Plehn-Dujowich received the 2015 Notable Contributions to Accounting Literature Award for his paper in The Accounting Review titled, "Demand Uncertainty and Cost Behavior" (with Dmitri Byzalov and Rajiv D. Banker). In addition, he published "Incentive Contracting with Independent Underwriters: Does it Benefit Insurers" (with Siwei Gao) in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance, as well as "Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard Problems with Respect to Occupational Choice" (with Richard S. Brown) in the Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research.
Nancy Lam Professor Nancy Lam, published "Typology of employee-oriented voice: An exploration of voice content" in the Journal of Management Policies and Practices (vol. 3, no. 2), and "Pitching employee suggestions and ideas: Managerial voice propagation up the hierarchy" in the Journal of Business and Policy Research.
  Jyoti Bachani Professors Nancy LamJyoti Bachani, and Linda Herkenhoff, presented their research at the Academy of Management Conference in Vancouver, Canada during a session titled, "Pedagogy in the Digital Era: Incorporating Virtual Experiences into the Classroom."
Linda Professor Linda Herkenhoff, Professor Jo Ann Heydenfeldt, with co-publishers Sharma, A., Kingshott, R., Rowley, C., Mohd Shalleh, N., Hosie, P. & Nankervis, A., 2015, published "Emotional intelligence and organisational effectiveness: Emerging HRM perspectives," in HRM and Organisational Effectiveness in Asia. Elsevier Press.
Roy Roy Allen, Linda Herkenhoff, & Hosie, P., July, 2015. 'A Human Ecology Economics Approach to Strategic Management,' in International Journal of Business and Social Science.
Jack Rasmus Jack Rasmus. 2015. Systemic Fragility in the Global Economy, Clarity Press. Atlanta. This book offers a new approach to explaining why mainstream economic analyses have repeatedly failed and why fiscal and monetary policies have been incapable of producing a sustained recovery. This new approach is based on a new conceptual framework, centered on a unifying concept called Systemic Fragility. Rooted in 9 key empirical trends, Systemic Fragility consists of the dynamic interaction of three constituent forms--financial, consumption, and government balance sheet fragility. Expanding upon the early contributions of Keynes, Minsky and others, the Theory of Systemic Fragility offers an alternative explanation why the global economy is slowing long term, becoming more unstable, why policies to date have largely failed, and why the next crisis may therefore prove even worse than 2008-09.
Judith White Judith White. June, 2015, 'Virtual Classroom: Help or Hinderance for the La Pura Vida' in International Association of Business and Society. 
Terence Pitre Terence Pitre, Diagle, Ronald, Pinsker, May 2015. 'The Impact of Order Effects on Nonprofessional Investors' Belief Revision When Presented a Long Series of Sequential Disclosures in an Experimental Marketing Setting,' in Accounting Horizons. Because firms are likely to release both good and bad news in close proximity to each other, it is important to understand what impact a long information set of mixed directional (i.e., both good news and bad news) disclosures has on nonprofessional investors' stock price valuation decisions. Previous experimental reseach has identified information order effects as critical factor impacting the ecisions made by nonprofessional invesotrs. However, the efficient market hypothesis predicts that individual biases are eliminated by the presence of market incentives, an element that is missing in prior studies on the effects of long information sets disclosures. Consequently, this study seeks to understand if and how order effects prevail in a market setting that includes economic incentives. 
Jose Jose Phlen-Dujowich, April 2015, 'Demand Uncertainty and Cost Behavior,' in the Accounting Review.
hadani Michael Hadani, April 2015, 'The CEO as chief political officer: Managerial discretion and corporate political activity,' in the Journal of Business Research.Corporate political activity (CPA) which reflects firms’ attempts at achieving access to politicians, is on the rise. Comprised of tactics such as donations to election or reelection campaigns, hiring lobbyists or hiring former politicians to serve on boards of directors, CPA should strongly translate into firm level returns. Surprisingly the impact of CPA on firm returns or performance is mixed. Our study shows that is the discretion of the CEO that moderates the association between CPA and firm performance, a variable missing from extant theorizing and research on CPA. Examining the S&P 1000 firms over 10 years, we find that when aspects of CEO discretion are higher CPA has a negative impact on firm performance, based on both financial and accounting measures. Our findings support an agency view of the role of CEOs as political officers of their firms and suggests that opportunist or self-serving biases may operate, at least partly, in firms decisions to be politically active.
Anh Anh Nguyen, February 2015, 'Continuous Improvement in Vietnam: Unique Approaches for a Unique Culture,' in the Journal of Asian Business Studies.While Vietnam is attracting intense interest from the international business community, little research has been done on continuous improvement (CI) practices there, in part because Vietnamese companies have developed a strong culture of secrecy, and are very wary of granting research access to outsiders. This study offers one of the first “inside views” of Vietnamese management focusing particularly on continuous improvement. It identifies the cultural conditions that have most shaped, and continue to shape, the management of CI in Vietnam, and suggests ways that practitioners can design effective CI practices in that country. 
arnav Arnav Sheth, Janunary 2015, 'Downside Loss Aversion and Portfolio Growth,' in the Journal of Finance and Bank Management.
O'Brien Michael O'Brien, 2 November 2014, published, "Melding the Competing Legal Theories in Patent Laws, Antitrust Laws, and the First Amendment," in the Academy of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues.
J White Judith A. White, 29 September 2014, published, "A Model of Moral Courage: A Study of Leadership for Human Rights and Democracy in Myanmar," in the Journal for Civil Society.
J kale Jivendra Kale, Aggrrawal, P., Clark & Agarwal, R. Summer 2014, 'An Intertemporal Study of ETF Liquidity and Underlying Factor Transition, 2009-2014', in the Journal of Trading. 

Eric Kolhede and Tomas Gomez-Arias. 2014, 'Segmentation of infrequent performing arts consumers', in Arts Marketing: An International Journal

J. White

Judith White & Taft, S. 2014. 'Sources of Individual Ethical Principles and Actions', Organizational Theory and Design.

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