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Congrats to the Class of 2023!

Saint Mary’s Undergraduate Commencement is a celebration of students and families — and all that inspires us as Gaels.

Students holding their diplomas at 2023 Graduate Commencement
We Are Gaels!

Graduate and Professional Programs Commencement is a true community celebration — and a big career step for many.

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It’s a great day to be a Gael!

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See Yourself Inspired Here

Imagine, discover, and reach goals that propel you.

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Make a Lasting Impact

With Saint Mary’s graduate programs, take the next step in your career.

Top 4 Best Colleges in the West
U.S. News & World Report 2023
Top 6%
in the U.S. for highest earning potential according to Payscale
Colleges That Change Lives
Only California college and only Catholic college with this distinction
Top 25%
of U.S. Colleges and Universities by Wall Street Journal / Times Higher Education


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With small class sizes and professors who know you by name, Saint Mary’s helps students thrive—whether you’re an undergraduate or a professional looking for the next step in your career.


With a stunning campus in the San Francisco Bay Area, Saint Mary’s offers boundless possibilities—including signature study programs to take you around the globe. Explore internships and career opportunities in Silicon Valley and beyond. 


With knowledge and skills, confidence and support from the Gael community, you’ll imagine and become more than you ever thought possible.


Schools Of Saint Mary's College

Explore undergraduate and graduate programs alike at the School of Liberal Arts, School of Science, and School of Economics and Business Administration. And with graduate programs for teachers, counselors, and leaders across a range of fields, the Kalmanovitz School of Education provides unparalleled opportunities. Begin the next step in your journey.

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Name Type
Accounting Degree Undergraduate
Accounting Minor Undergraduate
Anthropology Minor Undergraduate
Anthropology, Archaeology Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Anthropology, BA Undergraduate
Archaeology Minor Undergraduate
Art History Minor Undergraduate
Art History, BA Undergraduate
Art Practice Minor Undergraduate
Art Practice, BA Undergraduate
Bilingual Authorization in Spanish Graduate
Biochemistry, BS Undergraduate
Biology Minor Undergraduate
Biology, BA Undergraduate
Biology, BS Undergraduate
Business Administration Degrees Undergraduate
Business Administration Minor Undergraduate
Business Administration: Entrepreneurship Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Business Analytics Degree Undergraduate
Business Analytics Degree Undergraduate
Career Counseling Graduate
Career Counseling Graduate
Certificate in Biliteracy Undergraduate
Chemistry Minor Undergraduate
Chemistry, BA Undergraduate
Chemistry, BS Undergraduate
Chemistry, Environmental Track, BS Undergraduate
Cinematic Arts Minor Undergraduate
Classical Languages, BA Undergraduate
Classical Languages, Greek, BA Undergraduate
Classical Languages, Latin, BA Undergraduate
Classical Studies Minor Undergraduate
Communication Minor Undergraduate
Communication: Media Maker Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Communication: Strategist Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Community Media Minor Undergraduate
Computer Science Certificate Graduate, Undergraduate
Computer Science Minor Undergraduate
Computer Science, BA Undergraduate
Computer Science, BS Undergraduate
Counseling, MA Graduate
Creative Writing Minor Undergraduate
Creative Writing, BA Undergraduate
Dance Minor Undergraduate
Dance Science, BS Undergraduate
Dance Science, BS Undergraduate
Dance, BA Undergraduate
Dance: Choreography and Performance Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Data Science Degree Undergraduate
Data Science Minor Undergraduate
Digital Studies Minor Undergraduate
Dual Degree Engineering, BA+BS Undergraduate
East Asian Studies Minor (Japanese Minor) Undergraduate
Economics Degree Undergraduate
Economics Minor Undergraduate
Economics, Sustainability Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Economics: International and Development Concentration, BS Undergraduate
EdD in Educational Leadership for Equity and Social Change Graduate
Education Specialist (Special Education) Graduate
Educational Administration, MA Graduate
English Minor Undergraduate
English, BA Undergraduate
English: Film, Drama, and Cultural Studies Concentration, BA Undergraduate
English: Literary Theory and History Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Environmental Science Minor Undergraduate
Environmental Science, BS Undergraduate
Environmental Studies Minor Undergraduate
Environmental Studies, BA Undergraduate
Ethnic Studies Minor Undergraduate
Ethnic Studies, BA Undergraduate
Executive DBA Graduate
Executive MBA Graduate
Exercise Science Minor Undergraduate
Finance Degree Undergraduate
Finance Degree Undergraduate
Finance Degree Undergraduate
French Studies Minor Undergraduate
French Studies, BA Undergraduate
General Counseling Graduate
General Counseling Graduate
Global and Regional Studies: East Asia Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Global and Regional Studies: Europe Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Global and Regional Studies: Global Studies Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Global and Regional Studies: Latin America Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Graduate Certificates in Dance Graduate
Greek Minor Undergraduate
Health Promotion Minor Undergraduate
Health Science, BA Undergraduate
Health Science, BS Undergraduate
Higher Education & Student Affairs (HESA) Graduate
Higher Education & Student Affairs (HESA) Graduate
Higher Education & Student Affairs/Professional Clinical Counseling (HESA/PCC) Graduate
Higher Education & Student Affairs/Professional Clinical Counseling (HESA/PCC) Graduate
History Minor Undergraduate
History, BA Undergraduate
Integral Curriculum of Liberal Arts, BA Undergraduate
Intercultural-Interfaith Leadership Minor Undergraduate
Italian Studies Minor Undergraduate
Justice, Community and Leadership Minor Undergraduate
Justice, Community and Leadership Minor: Single Subject 4+1 Undergraduate
Justice, Community and Leadership: Educational Specialist Teacher Education, BA Undergraduate
Justice, Community and Leadership: Leadership Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Justice, Community and Leadership: Multiple Subject Teacher Education, BA Undergraduate
Kinesiology, Exercise Science, BS Undergraduate
Kinesiology, Health Promotion, BA Undergraduate
Kinesiology, Sport Management, BA Undergraduate
Latin Dance Minor Undergraduate
Latin Minor Undergraduate
Law & Society Minor Undergraduate
Leadership & Organizational Studies (BALOS), BA Undergraduate
Leadership, MA Graduate
Liberal Education for Arts Professionals (LEAP), BA Undergraduate
MA in Communication Graduate
MA in Counseling, Emphasis in Career Counseling Graduate
MA in Kinesiology, Fitness Management Graduate
MA in Kinesiology, Sport Management Graduate
Management and Leadership Degree
Management and Leadership Degree
Management and Leadership Degree
Marketing Degree Undergraduate
Marketing Degree Undergraduate
Marketing Minor Undergraduate
Marketing, BS Undergraduate
Marriage & Family Therapy / Professional Clinical Counselor (MFT/PCC) Graduate
Marriage & Family Therapy / Professional Clinical Counselor (MFT/PCC) Graduate
Mathematics Minor Undergraduate
Mathematics, BA Undergraduate
Mathematics: Applied Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Mathematics: Pure Concentration, BS Undergraduate
MFA in Creative Writing Graduate
MFA in Dance Graduate
MS Accounting Graduate
MS Business Analytics Graduate
MS Finance Graduate
MS Management & Technology Graduate
Multiple Subject Teaching Preliminary Credential Graduate
Music, Instrumental Minor Undergraduate
Music, Vocal Minor Undergraduate
Music: Instrumental Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Music: Vocal Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Online MBA Graduate
Philosophy Minor Undergraduate
Philosophy, BA Undergraduate
Physics Minor Undergraduate
Physics, BA Undergraduate
Physics, BS Undergraduate
Politics Minor Undergraduate
Politics, BA Undergraduate
Post-Master's School Counseling Credential Graduate
Post-Master's School Psychology Credential Graduate
Practical Political Leadership Certificate Undergraduate
Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Preliminary Administrative Services Credential
Professional MBA Graduate
Professional Science Master's in Biotechnology Graduate
Psychology Minor Undergraduate
Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Psychology, Child/Adolescent Development Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Psychology, Clinical/Counseling Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Psychology, General, BS Undergraduate
Psychology, Social Psychology Concentration, BS Undergraduate
Public History Minor Undergraduate
School Psychology Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC) Graduate
School Psychology Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC) Graduate
Secondary Teaching in Mathematics Programs Undergraduate
Single Subject Teaching Preliminary Credential Graduate
Sociology Minor Undergraduate
Sociology, BA Undergraduate
Spanish Minor Undergraduate
Spanish, BA Undergraduate
Special Education, MEd Graduate
Sport Management Minor Undergraduate
Sport Studies Minor Undergraduate
Teaching Leadership, MA Graduate
Teaching, MA Graduate
Theatre Minor Undergraduate
Theatre: Design and Technical Theatre Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Theatre: Performance and Theatre Studies Concentration, BA Undergraduate
Theology and Religious Studies Minor Undergraduate
Theology and Religious Studies, BA Undergraduate
Women's and Gender Studies Minor Undergraduate
Women's and Gender Studies, BA Undergraduate


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“I got the best science education I could have hoped for at Saint Mary’s. You have the small class sizes, the one-on-one instruction—I got so many more experiences there than I would have at a larger institution.”

BRIANNA BIBEL ’16, Postdoctoral Scholar at UC San Francisco


Is the average mid-career salary for our graduates.

Gold Star

Sustainability Rating

Bella Hoffman '23, Psychology Major

Indigenous heritage means knowing “that you’ve come from a line of people who have been able to overcome.”

BELLA HOFFMAN ’23, Psychology Major


Average class size


Of our 2021 grads are employed or continuing their education.

Mahershala with glasses, hat and jacket

“For me, it’s about considering the fact that we all have a greater self, a higher self, great potential, and for us right now—in this moment—to begin to make the choices that we need to make in order to be our best self.”



Student/Faculty Ratio

Top 6%

In the U.S. for highest earning potential

WE ARE GAELS! @stmarysca 

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